Friday, 8 April 2016

DIY Sticker Book

I recently went to a planner meetup and meet some awesome Toronto-based planner ladies. This kind of meetup is a lot of fun because it helped me realize that I'm not the only crazy person who's obsessed with everything planner, sticker, washi and stationery related. I've actually found kindred spirits in the form of real true-to-life unicorns and badass babes who also love to make their daily life functional and beautiful with paper planners full of stamps, stickers, washi and the like.

It really was a great time and not only did I meet some real unicorns I also gathered some great ideas, snooped other people's planners and swapped for some fun goodies. I would definitely recommend going to one of these if you can find one in your neck of the woods. Or better yet maybe check out your local Michael's store because they're putting on a planner addict meetup in conjunction with Me and My Big Ideas on April 21 all over North America.

So one of the things that I brought to show off to the planner ladies is a sticker book I put together to help organize and house my somewhat infinite collection of Etsy stickers. My fellow planner addicts also loved this idea and had lots of questions so I'd like to share with you now how I put it together and what materials I used. Read below and enjoy!

Supplies needed:
  1. Place the covers flat on your work surface and connect the expander rings to the covers.
  2. Cut out some cardstock to 9&1/4" tall by 7" wide, punch with MAMBI punch and round the corners with your corner rounder if using.
  3. Using your double-sided tape roller or glue stick place 1 line of glue at the top of a sticker sheet and place it at the bottom of the cardstock. Repeat with another sticker sheet and layer it on top on the last sheet, leaving space to see it. Continue this process until that side is full, flip and continue on other side of page. I like to organize my stickers by shop and then I do one page per weekly kit for example.
  4. Continue all the previous steps until you have a full book of your beautiful planner stickers: yippee!
  5. Attach the pages to the rings and compile your brand spanking new sticker book made all by you! Celebrate and enjoy your creation! 😄
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