Hi, I'm Anna Mae and this is my blog: Uncommon Plans!

This is a blog dedicated to my uncommon life and my passion for crafting and planning. I'm a shift worker and I use my planner to keep myself organized, healthy and sane. Follow along in my journey to achieve the perfect life through planning! Nah, just kidding! I believe there is no "perfect life" and instead I strive for a life that I love because it's of my own making. A big part of that is realizing that even though I'm not perfect and life isn't perfect; it's still pretty damn awesome because it's mine!

I use my planner as a creative outlet and a source of organization. I would forget my brain if it wasn't encased in my skull and I use my planner to remind me to bring my skull everywhere I go. It's therefore very important that I bring my planner with me everywhere. This also includes all the washi, stamps, stickers, paper, pens, markers, etc that I can reasonably fit into a manageable size bag.

A big part of my journey is finding the ideal planner and stickers for me and my lifestyle and if I can't find it I'm determined to create it! So lucky you: you've stumbled upon this here blog-o-mine and you get to join me in the adventure of planner decoration as well as planner and sticker creation. I hope to be able to share with you some fun and functional printables in the future.

Even though it's new feel free to check out the blog and find me all over the web via social media as listed below. It's pretty awesome possum, if you ask me, to connect with some like-minded folks who are just as obsessed with planners and stickers and paper etc as me. I'm going to do my very best to post on a weekly basis so stay tuned.

Welcome to my kingdom, my fellow unicorns, where I am the Queen! Enjoy!

For any and all inquiries, including PR-related please email me: uncommonplans@gmail.com

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